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Nov 17 2011

This Just In: I Am Alive.

Forgive me, please? I have not been kidnapped. I didn’t lose my all of my fingers in a tragic typing accident. I have just been teaching. My second year is going wonderfully, but I find myself just as busy. Apparently, that doesn’t change.
I need to be honest with you. The only reason I am posting this is because I am shameless, and my kiddos need books for next semester. I have started an Amazon wish list, so feel free to take a look: http://amzn.com/w/38WF0UXHR8CZS
We didn’t have a fall break this year, so I am ready to give some thanks next week. I am thankful for people checking in on me. I will start blogging again; I promise. I’m pretty excited about the upcoming holiday season because I am going to try to do Mr. Henley’s Favorite Things again!…

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Aug 12 2011

Doing Back-to-School Right.

It’s the middle of third block on the fifth day of school.  Why the heck am I blogging???  My kiddos are taking a diagnostic test, which is the main reason why I am able to sit down and type.  The other part of that is I can actually get children to quietly take tests now.  I don’t even…

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Jul 10 2011

Did You Miss Me?

I have been avoiding writing the obligatory end of year post like the plague—which is super ironic because I am currently recovering from what I thought was the plague.  Three weeks ago I got pneumonia and was stuck on the sofa for a super long time.  My ghastly illness only contributed to the delay of this…

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May 24 2011

Last Day Blues.

It is 11:30 PM and tomorrow is my last day of school and I CANNOT go to sleep. I am this big ball of emotions wrapped up in mosquitoes (they’re back). I am incredibly excited to be through with my first year of teaching. I am nervous that I have not taught my babies enough.…

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May 16 2011

Showing ‘Em Some Love.

Last night, I went to our region’s end of year celebration.  My first year of teaching is practically over.  Where has all the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday that I was waking up in the suffocating heat of an August morning wondering if I could summon the strength to endure another day in…

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May 11 2011

The Bard Has Landed.

One hundred copies of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice are now sitting in my room.  Thank you to all of those who donated.  You support my children in a way that I cannot.  I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but as a high school teacher, I don’t earn a lofty salary.  In…

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May 10 2011

“Have You Met Him?”

Before I started teaching, a wise TFA alumni told me, “William, whatever you do, never let your kids stop working.  They always need to be doing something.”  This piece of advice was one of many, but was the one that I took to heart the most.  Even in the chaos of August and the bedlam of…

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May 02 2011

State Tests Make Me Sick.

In Mississippi, high school students are required to pass 4 “high stakes” exams in order to graduate.  The first one they take is Algebra I.  I don’t even teach math, but I can still feel the weight of it from parents and administration and the Mississippi Department of Education.  At my school, the overwhelming majority of…

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Apr 27 2011

And the Thunder Rolls…

At this exact moment in time, a Delta thunderstorm is brewing outside my bedroom window.  Lightning is running across the sky and the thunder is crashing furiously down.  Thunderstorms have always been my favorite kind of weather.  Living at the beach during college provided me with many lightning and thunder spectaculars; however, nothing beats a…

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Apr 16 2011

Thank You Times Infinity.

My Donors Choose project was funded in less than 7 hours!  Who are you people?  You’re throwing around donations like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett.  Your donations are buying 100 copies of The Merchant of Venice.  I can’t believe how kind you are.  Because of you, it’s about to get a lot more Old English in room 400. …

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