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Jan 10 2011

Help My Kiddos!

It’s a snow day in the Delta!  Only about an inch of snow fell, but almost every school in the Delta closed.  There are even rumors of a second snow day tomorrow in some districts. 

I’m posting in the middle of the day to ask you a favor (I’m not sure if many people read this; I just figured that if nothing else, my mom would see this and donate).   My school district expects all teachers to buy their own paper.  A single ACT test uses over an entire ream of paper printed double sided.  This whole Henley-buys-every-sheet-of-paper business has gotten out of hand and I am quickly running out of paper.  That’s where you come in.

My Donors Choose project just posted.  My project is just for paper.  That’s it!  I’m not asking for money to build my kids a spaceship, plant a garden, or to buy chess sets.  We need paper—the most basic school supply there is.  If my project is funded, it would allow me to print individual copies of all assignments.  I go into more details on the project’s site.  The link is pasted below.  Please take a second and check it out.  If you read this and think of anyone that would be willing to support a good looking, achievement gap closing teacher, please feel free to forward the link to them.


I truly appreciate your support!

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