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Feb 08 2011

Celebrity Look-Alike

While I was talking to my roommate, Laura, I realized something.  I was complaining about my first block being too chatty/rambunctious and having a low average grade for the day.  They scored right at 60% on their exit ticket today.  I was mid-sentence when I arrived at my realization.  This time 6 months ago, all of my roommates would converge at the kitchen table for an hour long cacophony (look at that $3 word) of rants about fights, profanity, weapons, grades hovering around 30-40, blatant disrespect, and willful disobedience. 

Today, my kiddos were just talkative.  And yeah, they didn’t do so hot on their exit ticket, but that’s their fault.  It was an off day.  They’re normally much better behaved and do much better academically.  They’ll do better tomorrow, especially if they want to go on the field trip I’m planning.  It’s so nice to finally reap the fruit of my labor.  I had my butt handed to me every day for most of the first semester, but it has gotten easier.  There are still bad days—days reminiscent of September or August.  But, they are few and far in between now.

On a lighter note, my third block babies accomplished a rare treat and finished with time to spare.  Free time generally makes me nervous, but today it was productive.  In the 5 minutes between me collecting the exit ticket and when the bell rang, they were able to come to the following conclusions:

  • I look exactly like Steve from Blue’s Clue’s…but nerdier.
  • It may snow again on Wednesday (who thought this winter non-sense would follow me to Mississippi?  I miss the 115o weather.)
  • Red beans and rice cafeteria days are the best days.
  • In addition to Steve, I also look like Screech from Saved by the Bell.  You guessed it…but nerdier.  Sidenote:  I took personal offense to this one and screamed, “Not all white nerdy people look alike,” but was impressed that my kiddos watch Saved by the Bell. 

I need to go to sleep and get my beauty rest.  I don’t want to hear any comments about me looking like Mr. Belding tomorrow.

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