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Feb 10 2011

Snow Day: Take 2.

Two snow days in one school year…apparently, this is pretty unheard of in the Delta.  Generally, I hate the snow, and I still do.  But there is something about a snow day that is so much more appealing on the teacher side of the fence.  It’s a chance to take a nap with my dog in the middle of the day, a chance to read a book without a state objective in mind, and a chance to eat a whole bag of Dorito’s at 2:30 PM that I didn’t confiscate from a child.  I’ve promised to eat healthier in 2011, so I stopped at one bag.

Yesterday was ridiculous.  It started snowing at 10 and my kiddos loved it.  Snow is a rare treat for them, so I understood why it was so exciting, and we were released early.  They announced at the very beginning of the day that school would close early at 2.  My first block came in and was great.  We continued reading our story and had some great discussion about how the author created mood.  Fourth block did the same thing.

Then there was third block.  This semester, they have quickly risen to the rank of my best behaved & hardest working class.  I take them to lunch every day.  We have to walk by a big wall of windows to get to the cafeteria, and when they saw all the snow sticking by noon (at least an inch), they lost it.  When we went back to the room, they would not stop talking.  I couldn’t even get through the word of the day because of the exuberant (that was yesterday’s word, but they still don’t know what it means) chatter.  So, instead of teaching, I went old school all over them and made them write lines. 

For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it’s when I opened their text book and said, “Start copying on page 203 and don’t stop writing until I tell you to stop.”  They did not like this.  Apparently, this is the most common form of punishment at our in school suspension as well.  My ISS regulars did not like this overlap of punishment.  I made them write for the whole hour because at no point in time were they all quietly writing.  At the end of the block, I collected their lines.  They asked me if they were getting a grade for it.  As the bell rang, I responded by taking a pair of scissors, cutting their papers in half, and throwing them away in front of the entire class.  Their jaws dropped and this was the only time my class was silent all day…just another small gem of teaching joy. 

I dedicate this snow day to third block.  I don’t miss you an awful lot today.

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  1. jlange

    Best punishment EVER! Keep up the toughness!

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