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Mar 20 2011

Mama Mac <3

This is going to be a short and sweet post.  I just got back from Palm Island, Florida, and had the best Spring Break ever had.  I chased a tortoise, drove up and down the island in our golf cart, played many fun games, made new friends with teachers across the Delta and some fun, old people, rafted on the high seas, had green pina coladas (happy belated St. Patrick’s Day!), tanned all day on the beach, and did NO school work.  It was perfect.  I drove through the night and got back at 9 AM this morning.  It was phenomenal.

We don’t have school on Monday, so today is really like Friday and will be treated as such.  I wanted to end this post by saying hello to a very special lady, Mama Mac.  I was able to spend my week with Virginia and loved it.  You did a great job raising her, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy.  I cannot wait to meet you over Easter.

Sorry if you are not Mama Mac and this was creepy, but you’ll get over it.  Have a great Friday/Saturday night.

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  1. Gail McIlwain

    Loved the blog! Keep up the noble work you are doing down there in the Delta and never lose your amazing sense of humor…<3 you back!
    Mama Mac

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