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Jul 05 2010

Happy Belated Birthday America!

God bless America and Mondays without school!  Today was a day off for students and teachers because of Independence Day.  I slept 10 whole hours last night; it was spectacular.  This morning, I finalized some lesson plans and talked to my family and my best friends.  It’s been a phenomenal day off and I realized…

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Jun 29 2010

It’s Raining Grammar

Today got off to a wet start.  I was on my way to RFOC (for those of you not hip with the lingo that means Real Food on Campus…AKA the Delta State dining hall) and wondered why the sun wasn’t up yet.  As it turns out, the sun had risen behind a wall of rain…

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Jun 27 2010

Getting Summer Schooled

My first week of teaching is done.  The persona of Mr. Henley has slowly taken over.  I find myself narrating positive behavior in line at the dining hall.  I feel the need to stop kids in Walmart and ask them “Where are you supposed to be?  Let me see your hall pass.”  I constantly find…

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May 28 2010

Getting Closer

It’s a Friday night and I am knee deep in Ms. Lora’s Story. It’s just one of many items that TFA has us read before Institute. The sad part is that this was one of the more exciting options Goochland had to offer me for a Friday night. I guess you could call writing this…

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May 09 2010


Yesterday, I graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington—quite possibly the greatest school in the world!  That’s not even the craziest part.  In a month, I will be in Cleveland, Mississippi, for Inductions.  Watch out Delta, here I come, but first I have to pack.

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